• Knowledge is my number one interest.

Acquiring, adding to and passing on knowledge is essential

  • I thrive on challenge / I relish a challenge.

I have led over 75 development projects with a budget of over 50 million euro

  • Collaboration is something I firmly advocate.

Working together, sharing our knowledge and expertise can be mutually beneficial.

  • I believe in openness.

Open Access my baby!!!

  • I believe in regional development. 

Through Smart Specialisation, not only is there a beneficial impact locally but frequently nationally and even internationally.

  • I am an optimist.

Solutions can be found but only through persistent effort.

  • I believe an engineer / engineering creates solutions not just plans. 

Raw materials -> combination -> refinement -> product/solution

  • I am a strategist.

Identification of: a potential situation – a means of solution – implementation.

  • I am greatly concerned about impact.

Projects I have led made a real contribution to the Greek knowledge ecosystem.

  • I am meticulous in my preparation for any task I perform.

 Successfully dealing with any challenge lies in thorough preparation, fully understanding the aspects and seeing the situation from a number of angles.

  • I have a holistic approach. 

Everything is interconnected so how can we use any other approach; it’s almost impossible to single out just one aspect.