3.1 Hosting

The various repositories created reflect the qualitative and quantitative expansion of EKT's activities and services. Good examples are the repositories for the Acropolis  and the Operational Programme'Education and Lifelong Learning'( eDULL)  . Both of which make information easily accessible to a wider audience.

Integrating technologies of open interconnected data in the metadata of the repositories, and providing them through programming interfaces (APIs), allow not only the distribution of metadata and their uploading, but also the interface with the creation of value-added services based on it.

The actions of repositories provide the opportunity not only for the deposit  of grey literature and research results, but also for the creation of publications that would otherwise not be published.

3.2 National Archive of PhD Theses

Since 1985, the National Archive of PhD Theses has evolved into a comprehensive service for the end user.More than 12,000 PhD theses have been digitised providing access to them through open technologies. The user can view, print and download, if authorised to do so, as well as take advantage of the recent provision of PhD theses metadata as open interconnected data through programming interfaces (API). Thanks to recent improvements a number of additional services have been incorporated in order to ensure search, retrieval, reading and long-term preservation of PhD theses. In addition, the interoperability with international repositories and databases is ensured.

This has received a very positive response from the research community. The number of visitors has increased dramatically in a very short time, while registered users now exceed 10,000. Registration in the National Archive of PhD Theses allows ordering a thesis that is not yet available online, downloading the full text of more than 20,500 theses that are already available, and the submission of questions at a specialised User Support Center (helpdesk). The 28.000 theses uploads is indicative of the widespread use of the new services of the National Archive of Phd Theses. 

3.3 e-Publishing

EKT’s single platform that provides access to all of EKT’s electronic publications, epublishing.ekt.gr, enables advanced navigation, search, and reading opportunities of electronic journals, books and conference proceedings. It also enables access to all the electronic publications that EKT has in collaboration with reputable publishers. Open Access allows the user to read it online or download it. The platform operates in Greek and English, while the content is enhanced continuously.

3.4 Accumulation and Preservation

The three main services cover:

a) single search

b) accumulation

c) long-term preservation and content safekeeping

The single search facilitates the accumulation of content from a number of entities at little administrative cost to EKT, but with multiple results for the end user. Metadata collected from the repositories that use the openarchives service  enables the single search of more than 65 different types of repositories, either hosted in the EKT infrastructures, or the repositories of third parties. Compliance with technical specifications for interoperability and openness are ensured thanks to an automatic control service for interoperability specifications.

These services will be expanded through the creation of accumulators within the Operational Programme "Digital Convergence", through which more than 3 million records will be collected, thus creating the most extensive accumulation service, in Greece. In addition, advanced long-term preservation services will ensure the sustainable digital preservation of the Greek knowledge ecosystem.

3.5 Greek Researchers Directory

By interfacing with databases, repositories and social networks, the Index of Greek Researchers collects data and provides information on Greek scientific publications, statistics for research and technology, the national performance in terms of innovation and Greek research activities in general.These actions reinforce the outward-looking approacch of Greek research output and create the conditions for an effective link between research & innovation and entrepreneurship. 

3.6 EKT Publications

EKT publishes a variety of high-quality literature: 

• content and resources which are produced as part of EKT’s main activities,such as the Greek Thesaurus of Terms and the Dewey system

• reports on specific topics that have been the subject of extensive researchdone by EKT, for example,  bibliometric surveys of Greek scientific publications

• intelligence reports related to EKT’s interventions

• EKT’s periodic publications aimed at a wider audience, including the quarterly magazine "Innovation, Research and Technology" and e-newsletter.