"Creating an ecology with a view to develop all stages of the life cycle of knowledge"

Dr Evi Sachini is the Director of the Greek National Documentation Centre (EKT). Having been Head of the Strategic Planning and Development Dept. of EKT since 1997, Dr Sachini has played a key role in the field of management, preservation and dissemination of quality-assured scientific and cultural knowledge, while linking research to entrepreneurship. Dr Sachini has successfully supervised and put through more than 75 development projects with a total budget exceeding 50 million euro, which produced an average of 40 new jobs of highly qualified scientific personnel on an annual basis. Developing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, Dr Sachini has developed frameworks for cooperation with more than 75 institutions, thus helping to create an ecology towards the development of all stages of the life cycle of knowledge.

At a Glance

  • Knowledge is my number one interest
    Acquiring, adding to and passing on knowledge is essential
  • I thrive on challenge / I relish a challenge
    I have led over 75 development projects with a budget of over 50 million euro
  • Collaboration is something I firmly advocate
    Working together, sharing our knowledge and expertise can be mutually beneficial
  • I believe in openness
    Open Access my baby!!!

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