Evi Sachini has been director of the National Documentation Centre (EKT) since her election in June 2013.

During her tenure, EKT has adopted a strategy and development dimension advocating for open science and open data; has been appointed the National Authority for the Hellenic Statistical System within the European statistical system; has strengthened the actions and services to connect research and the business sector; has expanded  its active involvement in the digital transformation of content producers and has strengthened its international presence and effectiveness in the field of research and innovation.

Her goal for EKT's new era, which coincides with the autonomy of the organisation and its affiliation to the Ministry of Digital Governance, is to contribute to highlighting the value of public data and the digital transformation of the country.

In total, she has twenty-five years of experience in positions of responsibility in public interest bodies. She has acted as a national representative in the EU for research and innovation, digital libraries and research results exploitation, as a member of the Committee of experts of the Ministry of Education for Research and Religious Affairs for the Economics of Education and as a member of the National Library and Archives Council.

She served as Vice-President of the Free Software Company / Open Source Company (GFOSS), Vice Chairman of the National Hellenic Research Foundation Board (2013-2019), and member of the Board of the National Research and Technology Network (GRNET). Today, as Director of EKT, she is a member of the Board of Directors of the organisation.

She holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from NTUA, and a degree in Economics.

Since July 2013, she has held the position of Director of the National Documentation Centre (EKT).

From 1997 to 2013 she was Deputy Director and Head of the Strategic Planning and Development Department of EKT.

From 1991 to 1997 she was the Technical Director of the Clothing and Fiber Technological Development Company (ETAKEI SA).

During her tenure at EKT, she has played a key role in the development and operation of infrastructures and services for the documentation, aggregation and digital dissemination of scientific knowledge and cultural content produced in Greece.

She has contributed to the improvement of academic communication through actions and e-publishing services, to the development of digital indexes for Social Sciences and the Humanities, to the establishment of a comprehensive systematic system for collecting and measuring the indicators of the Hellenic System of Research, Development, Innovation (through RDI) and the linking of research with entrepreneurship through the exploitation of research results.

She has the scientific responsibility for the development and research projects implemented by the organisation, undertaking the planning, co-ordination of implementation and integration of their results into the national infrastructure developed and operated by EKT.

In her position as scientific director, she has successfully completed more than 150 development and research projects with a total budget of about 100 million euros. As part of these projects, 80 new highly qualified scientific staff positions were created. This staff comprise working groups with know-how at the technological, scientific and operational levels at EKT. 

At the same time, the implementation of these projects provided the opportunity to employ hundreds of scientists who were practically trained in a highly advanced technological and business environment, enabling them to gain the tools needed for a good career in Greece and abroad.

She has sought the development of strategic collaborations with reputable national and international bodies that are part of EKT's operating environment and shape the ecosystem of production and dissemination of knowledge with very positive results.

She has repeatedly been a national representative and expert in thematic areas and programmes of the EU Framework Programmes. She represented the country at the Intergovernmental Meeting organised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in Daejeon, South Korea, on 'Creating our Common Future through Science, Technology and Innovation'.

She participated in the Ministerial Conference organised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) 'Strengthening SMEs and entrepreneurship for productivity and inclusive growth' in Mexico.

She participated as a co-ordinator for the 'Digital School' sector in the national dialogue on education. She also participates in scientific publications and conference presentations on EKT issues. As director she represents EKT in its public obligations.

With a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and studies in Economics (Department of Economics), she has worked in public interest bodies that have a profound business and development orientation.

She has specialised and distinguished herself in the field of scientific information, metrics and evaluation indicators for research, development and innovation activity, digital libraries and major infrastructure.

From the very beginning of her career, she has systematically followed European policies in her fields of activity, participating in the work of international organisations that were responsible for shaping them.

In addition, she participated in Greek and international fora on the dissemination and exploitation of research results, Open Access, digital libraries, digital infrastructure and knowledge management, the use of big data to support policy implementation etc.

In these positions of responsibility, she undertook initiatives using state-of-the-art technological and operational structures for the aggregation, documentation, dissemination and preservation of digital content. These infrastructures are used not only to meet the needs of the scientific community, but also as capital in strengthening the economy and social welfare.

Her administrative capabilities have developed in the area of strategic planning and targeting business, with a focus on leveraging and establishing efficient working relationships, creating a secure working environment with clear objectives, recognising opportunities and seeking funding for development.

Adopting a holistic approach to strategic targeting and focusing on ensuring the public interest, she takes advantage of her experience and knowledge to achieve the goals of the organisation she directs, investing in attracting high-level personnel and collaborations with other organisations.

Her experience in formulating and evaluating policy pillars in research and technology has enabled her to discern EKT's institutional relevance and operational maturity to undertake the production of official statistics on Research, Technological Development and Innovation in the country.

Her contribution to this action, which makes the best possible use of the operational and scientific know-how of the organisation, has been decisive, substantially strengthening the role of EKT in recent years.

Her long-term activity in knowledge-intensive fields, in which the development of collaborative relationships and highly demanding teamwork are necessary conditions for successful development, have strongly instilled in her the value of trust in human resources and faith in the strength of solid human relationships.

Her firm conviction is that the sustainable development of an organisation, network or sector can become a reality only if the use of the most advanced technological infrastructure coexists harmoniously with the investment in human capital..

Scientific Publications


ΕΚΤ's Scientific Publications

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